12 Horas Cycling circuit 2015

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  • Date: 10/10/2015
  • Ciclismo
  • Mallorca
  • Time: 08:00
  • Registered:
  • Limit: 09/10/2015 21:00
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12 Horas Cycling circuit 2015

Competition Data





12h CyclingCircuit is the latest cyclo-sportive event in the sunny Mallorca, consisting in two endurance road-cycling races designed for ultradistance lovers.

During the 12 hours or 4 hours races, the riders have to manage their pit stops and rest time strategy in the way of ride the longest distance possible.

The race is open to all according to the chosen category. You can compete as a single competitor, a pair or teams of 4 riders (only one rider in track)

There is one race start for the 12hours race, 8 am on the October 10th 2015, but you can chose two diferents starts for the 4 hours race, 9am or 16pm on the October 10th 2015.

The race is open to all bicycle users, road, MTB, track or time trial bike according to the chosen category.

Every 12,5 km have 200 meters of positive climbing, so for 12 hours will take about 4.000 meters of total positive climbing, very impressing for a track!

All the race info is going to be detailed at the briefing and check-in.

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