BEST Fest - SwimRun 2020

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  • Date: 30/05/2020
  • Swimrun
  • Mallorca
  • City: Colonia Sant Jordi
  • Registered:
  • Start Reg.: 13/02/2020 23:59
  • Limit: 14/05/2020 23:59
  • Organiza: Mallorca Olympic
  • Fee:
    50 €
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BEST Fest - SwimRun 2020

Competition Data


BEST Fest SwimRun

Visit our website for more information.

Event Type: Race

Distance: Approximately 7.5k (@2.5k swim / @5k run)

Date: Saturday 30th May 2020

Start Time: 10.30 am

Start Point: Starting at Es Dolc beach, a ten-minute walk from the Port Beach. Please arrive at the start beach no later than 09.45am.

Description: In 2002, Anders Malm and Janne Lindberg decided to make a bet with brothers Mats and Jesper Andersson to determine who would be the fastest to cross an archipelago of islands in Sweden in a straight line. The 75-km journey combined a distance of 65 km on foot and another 10 km of open-water swimming, and the only requirement was that they had to carry any items they were to use with them during the entirety of the race. It took them nearly two days to cover the route.

The BEST Fest SwimRun is significantly shorter at around 7.5k and could be considered a ‘sprint’ event. It uses a multi-stage circuit around Colonia St Jordi that upholds the spirit and adventurous nature of the sport’s origins.

This is a CHIP TIMED event.

Important Information: The key ingredient for SwimRun success is enthusiasm, however we recommend that you are suitably equipped. Here are our suggestions to maximise safety and enjoyment;

  • Appropriate SwimRun swimwear. A neoprene suit will offer warmth and protection on the swim and when entering/exiting the water. It should be flexible and comfortable, and preferably able to be opened from the chest in the running sections to assist breathing and perspiration.
  • Comfortable goggles with a good fit. Silicone goggles are recommended. Low profile goggles increase hydrodynamics and improve your vision.
  • Paddles that are light, comfortable, and resistant to help you move efficiently through the water.
  • A pullbuoy to help give your lower body buoyancy. We recommend that you carry an elastic band with you so that you can strap it to your leg or around your waist during the running section.
  • Floating calf guards. These will make your legs more buoyant for swimming with shoes, in addition to protecting your lower legs.
  • An elastic cord/tow rope to connect partners to one another and keep them together. May also be useful for helping one another during certain stretches of the race. Minimum 5m recommended length.
  • A safety whistle for attracting the attention of safety crews/marshals.
  • Footwear!

All items carried by entrants at the start of the event must be carried throughout the race and to the finish line, failure to do so will result in disqualification.

This is a CHIP TIMED event. You need to make sure you have your chip with you. If you have already taken part in a BEST Fest event, you’ll have a chip already – if not, you will receive your chip when you register your attendance, enter the event as a late entrant or sign in on the beach immediately before the start (see ‘Registration’ below)..

Competition: Race.

Categories: ‘Junior’ or ‘Senior’ athletes may enter in the following categories;

  • Solo entrant (Male or Female)
  • Single sex pairs (Male or Female)
  • Mixed pairs

See all the information.

Entry Restrictions: SwimRun entrants MUST be capable of swimming and running the event distances. We have no means to confirm this, therefore entrants MUST use their common sense – ask yourself; have you previously swum/run this distance in competition or training? Are you fit enough and physically acclimatised to cool water? Do you have the appropriate equipment?

We recommend that you are able to swim at a pace no less than 2.5km per hour.

Please take no chances with your own safety, your team mate, your fellow swimmers or that of the event staff that may be required to attend to your emergency.

Feeding Stations: There are no feeding stations for this event, and we advise entrants to carry their own items. Marshalling points, safety kayakers and boats will have water & energy supplements available if required and refreshments will be available at the finish.

Registration: Registration of attendance and timing chip collection for the BEST Fest SwimRun takes place on Friday 29th May, 4pm – 6pm at the BEST CentreEntrants competing in earlier BEST Fest events MUST attend this session to collect a new timing chip.

Late entries for this event will also be accepted on Friday 29th May, 4pm – 6pm at the BEST Centre. No entries will be accepted after this time.

All entrants must reconfirm their entry by signing in on the beach immediately prior to the event.


Declaration: All swimmers are required to complete and sign a declaration confirming their ability to complete a 2.5k swim and 5k run. Existing medical conditions and medicines being taken at the time of the swim must also be declared for safety & insurance reasons.

Health and Safety: There will be a safety brief immediately prior to the event. Unless otherwise stated this will take place at the start point. Entrants must attend.

Water depth on this event will vary between 0m and 20m.

Water temperature will be around 18/19C, but variable based on weather patterns and water depth.

Medical Cover: Fully qualified medical cover is available during the event via safety boats and at the start/finish points.

Any illnesses or injuries occurring as a consequence of participation must be reported as soon as possible to the event medical team. In the event of an athlete needing to report illness, injury or withdraw during the event, they should initially report to a race marshal and subsequently to the event finish point for medical assessment/treatment.

Wetsuits: Optional

Start & Finish: Entrants will be called to their start positions approximately 5 minutes before the race start. As the first stage of the race is a run, the start point will be land-based. Athletes will line up as directed by the Chief Referee/Starter and an appropriate starting signal will be used to indicate the race start.

Depending on the number of entrants any of the following start procedures may be used at the organiser’s discretion; a mass start, a category group start or a time-trial format with individuals/teams starting at pre-determined intervals. The method chosen will be determined to maximise safety.

The finish is also land-based and will require all individuals/teams to pass over a timing mat.

Start and finish procedures will also be explained at the pre-race briefing.

Refreshments: There will be a selection of free refreshments available at the finish point. Please take rehydration and nutrition seriously to ensure rapid and full recovery.

Entry Fee:

  • Individuals - 50 Euros*
  • Teams – 70 Euros*

(*Enter other BEST Fest events first and receive a 25% SwimRun entry discount code!)

Prizes: Medals will be awarded to the top individuals/teams in each category.

Additional prizes be drawn by beach-side raffle immediately following the conclusion of the event; further details to be confirmed.

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