IX Triatló Olímpic de Formentera 2022

Competition Data

  • Date: 01/10/2022
  • Triatlón
  • Formentera
  • City: Es Pujols
  • Time: 14:15
  • Registered:
  • Limit: 29/09/2022 23:59
  • Organiza: Unisport Consulting J
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Esta competición se rige por las normas de la Federación:

Federación de Triatlón (FETRIB) / (FETRI)

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IX Triatló Olímpic de Formentera 2022

Competition Data

IX Triatló Illa de Formentera 

Es Pujols, October 1, 2022


OLYMPIC TRIATHLON 1,500 m SWIM - 40 km BIKE (road) - 10 km RUN

TRIATHLON SPRINT 750 m SWIM - 20 km BIKE (road) - 5 km RUN

SPRINT TEAM RELAY 750 m SWIM - 20 km BIKE (road) - 5 km RUN

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Art. 1. - The event is open for male and female participa­tion, whether or not they have a valid competition license.

Art. 2. - The event will be take place in Es Pujols (Pl. de Europa), on Saturday, October 1, 2022.


Registration can be done through the website www.triatlonformentera.com until September 29, 2022, and at the bib number pick up table on Saturday, October 1 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Registrations are strictly personal and non-transferable; they cannot be used by another person other than the registered one. It is not possible to replace one participant with another.

Withdrawal, cancellation and refund policy of registrations:

  • Until August 31, REFUND of 50% of the registration.
  • From September 1 to 14 REFUND of 30% of the registration.
  •  As per September 15, withdrawals will not be accepted for any reason.



  • Athletes with a valid competition license: 20€ + 2€ rental chip (if you do not have a yellow timing chip).
  • Athletes without a competition license: 25€ (includes insurance) + 2€ rental chip (if you do not have a yellow timing chip).
  • Team relay registration: 30 € (increase of 5€ for each athlete without a competition license as insurance for each one) + 2€ rental chip (if you do not have a yellow timing chip. One chip per team).


  • Athletes with a valid competition license: 30€ + 2€ rental chip (if you do not have a yellow timing chip).
  • Athletes without a competition license: 40€ (insurance included) + 2€ rental chip (if you do not have a yellow timing chip).


Place: Plaza de Europa de Es Pujols in Formentera, on October 1st  from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. At the time of the bib number pickup, the valid competition license will have to be accredited.

Article 6.- RACE SCHEDULE Saturday, October 1st 2022:


  • From 09:30 am to 1.30 pm, in the Plaza de Europa, Es Pujols.


  • From 12.45 pm to 1.45 pm: the transition area is open in order for athletes to leave their bicycle and equipment.
  • 2 pm: Pre-start swim area/call room, on the beach of Es Pujols.
  • 2.15 pm: Start Sprint Distance competition and then the Sprint Team Relay competition.
  • From 4.40 pm to 5 pm: Athletes can pick up their equipment from the tran­sition area. (according to conditions established in article 9 of these regulations).


  • From 12.45 pm to 1.45pm: the transition area is open in order for athletes to leave their bicycle and equipment.
  • 3.45 pm: Pre-start swim area/call room, on the beach of Es Pujols.
  • 4 pm: Start Olympic Distance competition

AWARDS CEREMONY FOR BOTH DISTANCES approximately at 7.30pm. at the Plaza de Europa

Art. 7. – CUT-OFF TIMES: Each race segment has a set cut-off time for safety reasons, see below:

SPRINT - (Departure 14:15 h.)

  • Cut-off for the swimming segment - maximum time of departure from the water: 14:40 h.
  • Cut-off for the cycling segment – maximum time of entry to the transition area: 15:30 h.
  • Cut-off for the athletics segment – maximum time of arrival at the Finish Line: 16:15 h.

OLYMPIC - (Departure 16:00 h.)

  • Cut-off for the swimming segment - maximum time of departure from the water: 16.45 h.
  • Cut-off for the cycling segment – maximum time of entry to the transition area: 18.20 h.
  • Cut-off for the athletics segment – maximum time of arrival at the Finish Line: 19.30 h.

 All athletes who, for any reason, cannot meet the schedule will be withdrawn from the competition

Art. 8. - It is mandatory to follow the following rules and regulations:

- The use of an approved helmet for the cycling seg­ment is mandatory.

- Cycling is not permitted inside the transition area. The helmet must always be properly fastened when the bicycle is not on the support bar.

- It is allowed to participate with road bikes ONLY.

- No handlebar extensions are allowed for the bike in any of the two distances.

- The event is a draft-legal race. Athletes are NOT allowed to draft athletes from different gender. In case of overlapped, athletes cannot draft the passing group.

- Each participant must always have his/her bib number visible in the fo­llowing way in each segment:

- In the race segment on foot, the bib must be worn at the waist, on the front part (not the back).

- In the cycling segment, the bib number on the bicycle (back area) and on the hel­met must be worn using stickers provided by the organization. The number must be visible in horizontal reading from the left.

- In the swimming segment, the bib number marked on the swimming cap must be worn.

- Participants can only leave the equipment to be used during the race in their transition space.

- It is forbidden to compete with the torso uncovered.

- Wetsuit use: The use of wetsuit is prohibited above 22º and manda­tory below 15.9º in distances of up to 1,500 m. Athletes in the category Veteran 2 and higher categories (over 50 years of age) can use the wet­suit regardless the water temperature. The Technical Delegate of the event may authorize its use outside these margins if there is a jellyfish bank or other unforeseen circumstances.

- Sustainability: littering of any kind will results in automatic disqualifi­cation from the race. We encourage the participants to use the contai­ners located in the aid station. 

Art. 9. - The check-in time for the transition area is from 1 pm to 2pm. Race equipment should be retired from the transition area from 4.40pm to 5pm approx. for the Sprint distance. This schedule is subject to changes on the fact that the swimming segment of the Olympic category has finished and that the first runner, of the cycling segment of the Olympic category, has not finished before 5:00 p.m. After this time all participants will have to wait for the Olympic distance race to finish to retire their race equipment.

Art. 10. - Each participant will receive the following bib numbers: a swimming cap, a sticker for the bicycle, three stickers for the helmet and a bib number to use in the cycling and the running segment. These numbers must be visible to the judges.

The components of the team relays will receive the same elements. The chip and the bib number must be worn by the member of the team that is competing at that time, so the relay will be done by delivering the chip with the fastening tape and the bib number to the partner, who must put it on before starting his/her segment.


  •  Youth 2005-2006 (Sprint Distance only)
  •  Junior 2003-2004
  •  Sub23/U23 2000-2002
  •  Veteran 1 1973-1982
  •  Veteran 2 1963-1972
  •  Veteran 3 1962 and earlier

·  TEAM RELAY: They must be formed by 2 or 3 participants (they can be mixed), none of them must registered in the individual category. One category is established for team relays.

 Art. 12. - TROPHIES:

• Trophy to the first 3 absolute classified (male and female) Sprint and Olympic.

• Trophy to the first classified of each category (male and female) Sprint and Olympic.

• Trophy to the first team classified Sprint.

Art. 13. - All participants must prove their identity (passport or ID). Your identification will be checked at the registration and prior entering the transition area by race organizers and technical officials.

Art. 14. - Claims will be submitted to the Head Judge up to 15 minutes after the end of the race in question.

Art. 15. - The organization is not responsible for any moral, material or physical damages that participants or spectators may suffer during or as a result of the races. However, there will be a first aid assistance service.

Art. 16. - The race is subject to the decisions of the Head Judge. The fact of registering and participating implies the acceptance and compliance with these regulations, in addition to the Regulations of Competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

The Head Judge or, where appropriate, the federative delegate, may decree the interruption and cancellation of the competition or one of the segments, for exceptional meteorological reasons. In this case, the organization together with the judges or federative delegate, reserves the option of giving an alternative or the corresponding modifications.

In the case of adverse weather conditions at sea and if for safety the Organization discourages the race in the water, in one or both distances, a duathlon would be carried out: Run – Bike – Run.

Art. 17. - The participant declares that he/she is in the physical conditions necessary for the development of the race and that he/she participates voluntarily.

Art. 18. By signing this contract, I authorize UNISPORT CONSUL­TING SL and other sponsors and collaborators to take photographic and/or audiovisual files for commercial purposes. The images and/or videos will be exposed in the profiles that the companies manage in the various social networks or used for marketing campaigns related to the events that UNISPORT CONSULTING SL or its related companies (GERMATUR GESTION SL) may carry out.

UNISPORT CONSULTING S.L. is responsible for the processing of personal data provided under your consent and informs you that these data will be treated in ac­cordance with the provisions of current regulations on personal data protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR) and the Organic Law (ES) (LOPD), in order to maintain a commercial relations­hip, and kept as long as there is a mutual interest to maintain the end of the treatment and when it is no longer necessary for that purpose, they will be deleted with measures adequate security measures to gua­rantee the pseudonymization of the data or the total destruction of the same. The data will not be communicated to third parties, except legal obligation. Likewise, it is reported that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and those of limitation and opposition to its treatment by contacting UNISPORT CONSULTING S.L. at GREMI SABATERS 21 OFFICE A37 07009 PAL­MA (BALEARIC ISLANDS). Email: administracion@unisportconsulting.com and the claim email to www.agpd.es.


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