The Meadower- Menorca 2023

Competition Data

  • Date: 29/04/2023
  • Obstacle Course Race
  • Menorca
  • City: Fortaleza de La Mola - Maó
  • Time: 15:00
  • Registered:
  • Start Reg.: 09/02/2023 18:00
  • Limit: 23/04/2023 23:59
  • Fee:
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The Meadower- Menorca 2023

Competition Data



Saturday 29th April 2023



This regulation will govern the sporting event The Meadower OCR and, from the moment of registration, all participants in the event accept and abide by these rules and it is their obligation to know all the rules that compose it. In case of interpretation of any of the rules of the trial, the criterion of the organisers will always prevail.


The Meadower OCR will be held on Saturday 29th April 2023 and will take place in the Town of Maó, in Isabel II Fortress of la Mola.


All athletes who are 16 years old on the day of the race will be able to participate (those under 18 years old will need authorisation from their legal guardian and can only participate in the short distance "Fast").


The Meadower OCR will have two distances:

  •        "HARD" 10 km and 27 obstacles:
    •          17:00h. Start of the men's and women's elite category
    •          17:30h. Start of the first batch of age group categories

*The groups will be between 25 and 35 participants and will start every 10 minutes.

  •        “FAST" of 5km and 17 obstacles, for all the participants with the first group starting at 15:00h.

The groups will be between 25 and 35 participants and will start every 10 minutes.

During the day there will also be various obstacle courses aimed at younger participants, which will be divided into three categories:

  •           Abu" 4-6 years old: 800m approx. (6 tests). Start at 11:00h
  •           Mowgli" 7-10 years old: 1450m approx. (9 tests). Start at 11:30h
  •           King Kong" 11-15 years old: 2800m approx. (12 tests). Start at 12:00h/12:30h


  •        The routes will be completely signposted and closed to traffic. In addition, there will be a timing system with a chip.
  •        The obstacle course consists of a route with different obstacles such as balances, bounces, climbs, cliffs, mud, etc.
  •        The obstacles must be completed as indicated by the judge/volunteer present. In case of not overcoming the obstacle correctly, the appropriate penalty will be applied according to the difficulty of each obstacle.

*Except for obstacles of compulsory overcoming, with no limit of attempts.


  • Difficulty obstacle HIGH; 15 burpees.
  • Difficulty obstacle MITJA; 10 burpees


Registrations will be made through the timing company where you can select the start time depending on the run. The race is limited to 500 entries.

The deadline for entries is 20 April 2023.

No registrations will be processed after this date.

Any changes of name, distance or withdrawals are permitted within the time limits set by the organisers. They will have a cost in concept of management expenses of 10€.











+15 €





+10 €





+5 €

**Late registrations are not guaranteed the finisher's t-shirt.

-  If you don't have a chip, you will have to get it by increasing the price by €3.

-  The price of the compulsory insurance is 5€ per participant and it is not included in the price.


   The race numbers and the chips will be handed out on the day of the race on Saturday 29th April, and/or the day before the race at the point provided by the organisers. To collect your race bib, you must present the proof of payment and you may be asked to present your DNI, NIE, passport or family record book.

   In the event of not being able to collect the race number, it may be collected by a third person, who must provide an authorisation signed by the registered runner, as well as their original ID card.

   The bib numbers must be placed in a visible place so that the runner can be identified at any time.



1.       Trophy for the first five classified male and female runners in the elite category.

2.       Trophy for the three first classified in each category, both male and female:

  •           Category U20 Men and Women
  •           Category GE 20-24 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 25-29 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 30-34 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 35-39 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 40-44 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 45-49 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 50-54 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE 55-59 years old Men and Women
  •           Category GE + 60 Years old Men and Women

Likewise, all finishers will receive a medal and a commemorative race T-shirt.


1.       Trophy for the three first classified in each category, both male and female: - Under 20 Category (Men and Women)

  •  Senior Category (20-39 years old male and female)
  • Master 40 category (40-49 years old male and female) - Master 50 category (over 50 years old male and female)

Likewise, all finishers will receive a medal and a commemorative race t-shirt.


All the finishers will receive a medal and a commemorative race t-shirt.

9.       COMPETITION RULES General behaviour of the athletes:

  •    Every requested athlete must render aid to another participant who is in danger in an accident and is obliged to inform the nearest judge/volunteer immediately. Failure to render assistance will be penalised by immediate disqualification.
  •    Failure to respect the turn to queue at the obstacle within the same category is considered an infringement and will be penalised by disqualification.
  •    It is the obligation of each athlete to respect the environment where the race takes place and to take waste, cans, papers, etc. to the finish line. The athlete who does not deposit them or throws them in an unprepared area will be disqualified.
  •    The athlete will have to complete the course planned by the organization, NOT completing it completely, by choice or for any other reason, or not completing all the obstacles/penalty without external help, will be cause for disqualification.
  •    Athletes must always behave in a sporting manner and show respect for other athletes, judges, volunteers, members of the organisation, spectators, media, and sponsors. Disrespectful behaviour may lead to disqualification.
  •    The participant must be aware of and respect the RULES OF COMPETITION and accept the modifications that may be adopted during the race for reasons beyond the control of the organisation, before and/or during the competition.
  •    False attempts to overcome an obstacle to go straight to the penalty are an infringement of the rules and may be subject to disqualification.
  •    Impeding the overtaking in the race or hindering another runner at an obstacle is cause for disqualification.
  •    If an athlete ignores the judge's instructions, the judge will take note of the bib number and the athlete will be disqualified.

9.1 Equipment and material

   A competitor running with another competitor's bib number will be disqualified.

   A competitor running without a bib will be disqualified.

   Changing clothes is not permitted. The runner may bring any warm object (windbreaker, blanket...) and use it, when necessary, but will have to complete the event with all the clothing with which he/she has started the race (either wearing it or carrying it).

   Leaving objects or items behind on the course, including sweepings/debris, is grounds for disqualification.

   The equipment worn during the event and the race must be suitable for the event and must not cause any dangerous situation or hinder other participants during the event. If a judge detects a possible danger depending on the equipment, he shall inform the runner to remove the danger. Failure to remove the hazard will result in disqualification.

   Runners must run/swim in shoes. Barefoot participation is forbidden in any part of the race.

   The use of magnesium (liquid or powder) is only allowed if the runner is carrying it. Resins are forbidden and their use will be grounds for disqualification.

9.2 Obstacle regulations

   The obstacle must be overcome in a single attempt (elite category) and two attempts (age groups). In the case of a second attempt, the order of the queue must be respected (except for compulsory obstacles, with no limit to the number of attempts). In case of not being able to overcome it the athlete will have to make a penalty marked by the organisation. This penalty will be in accordance with the effort and time taken to overcome the obstacle. Athletes must make a serious attempt to overcome the obstacle. If not, they will be disqualified on the spot.

   The athlete must start the obstacle from the line or the platform or the starting structure of the obstacle duly marked by the organisation. If the organisation deems it appropriate, it will have to visually indicate from which element to start.

   The overcoming of the obstacle will be considered valid when the end of the obstacle marked with a bell, a line to pass, a platform, etc. has been reached. The athlete must be able to see just from the start of the obstacle how far he must go to be able to finish it correctly. In case of using bells as a final element, the athlete will have to ring it only with his hand.

   It will NOT be allowed to test the obstacles from the moment they are placed on the course. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race.


-   Liquid refreshment station during the race

- Liquid and solid refreshment station at the finish line. - Entertainment areas during and at the end of the race - Showers after the race


   In the event of injury, the nearest person in charge of the event must be informed so that assistance can be requested.

   The medical services of the event are authorised to provide the necessary medical assistance, even if it has not been requested.

    If the Medical Services indicate that you should abandon the race because there is a risk to your health, you agree to abide by the recommendation of the medical experts.

   The medical services and ambulances, coordinated by the medical team, will be located at the start and finish area.


-          Registration implies authorisation for the free use of the participant's name and photograph in the media (social networks, television, or radio programmes), the press or any other type of accredited media related to the race.

-          In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that participation in the event implies consent for the incorporation of the personal data provided to the existing automated file for the organisers. The purpose of this file is the treatment for the management and development of the event.

-          Athletes tacitly consent that the images obtained during the race may be used by the organisers and collaborating companies for the purpose of disseminating and advertising the event and/or products associated with it.


-          The event has all the corresponding permits for the celebration, an accident insurance, and a civil liability insurance, which covers the incidents inherent to the event, according to the Autonomous Decree, which regulates the licenses for minor activities.

-          It is the sole responsibility of the participant to meet the optimum conditions for the competition, i.e., he/she affirms and verifies that he/she is physically and mentally prepared, in good health to face an 11- or 5-kilometre event and overcome obstacles, and that he/she has passed the appropriate medical examinations. That he/she does not have any illness or injury that could be aggravated by participation in this event. Therefore, he/she attends this competition on his/her own initiative and assumes the possible risks and consequences arising from his/her participation.

-          Each runner declares with his/her registration that he/she meets the conditions that make his/her participation in The Meadower OCR race possible without further inconvenience to him/herself, the other participants, and the organisation. Each runner fully and consciously assumes for himself and as his own the risks derived from his participation in the race, the organisation being completely exonerated from any liability that may arise because of any damage that participation in the race may cause to the participants, their causes or third parties.

-          You allow the free use of your name and any image in any publication or media taken during the whole event, exempting the organisation, the directors of the event, the collaborators, the sponsors, and the volunteers from any responsibility or claim on your part. Including any direct or indirect damage or injury.

-          The organisation declines all responsibility for any damage, harm, or injury that participation in this event may cause to themselves, other people and even in the event that third parties cause damage to the participant.

-          All participants, by the mere fact of taking part in the race, accept the above-mentioned rules, and in case of doubt, the Organisation's criteria will prevail.

-          All registered participants must have signed the participant's responsibility sheet and the liability waiver.

-          The Meadower OCR organisation will not refund the registration fee due to injury and/or illness before, after or during the race, or for any reason unrelated to the race.


In case of cancellation of registration, the organisation will refund 75% of the registration fee until 20 April 2023. Participants who wish to change their registration must notify us by sending an email to

Changes of name, distance or cancellations are allowed under the dates set by the organiser.

There will be an administration fee of 10€.


This national and international event aims to promote and enjoy the sport in the unique setting of the San Ignacio military base and its surroundings. We believe that this project can achieve great prestige and is presented as a unique event never held in Menorca before.

The location of this event and Menorca makes this event a unique experience for the participants. We believe that with only the first edition, it can become a reference event in the Balearic Islands and make the name of Menorca resonate in the field of sport and especially in the field of obstacle courses.

From this point on, once we have programmed the sporting event, we cannot close the event with just a prize-giving ceremony. The experience has to be complete for all participants and friends, which is why we will take advantage of the sunset, with the last rays of sun to close the event with live music, and the culmination with fireworks to close the show and say goodbye until the 2024 edition.



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